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Nike Transforms the Tech Fleece for its 10th Birthday

Nike is redefining street culture with a fresh take on its iconic Tech Fleece range, marking its 10-year anniversary by transforming it into a minimalist fashion essential.

Since the inception of Nike's Tech Fleece, major cities worldwide, particularly in the UK, have embraced the tracksuit as a uniform. Recognized for its association with the convergence of music and streetwear, the Tech Fleece has been lauded for its comfort, versatility, and a spectrum of vibrant colorways.

In celebration of this milestone, Nike has revamped the Tech Fleece, giving it a contemporary interpretation aligned with current menswear trends. While maintaining the signature lightweight and warm textiles tailored for athletes, the latest iteration introduces a modern aesthetic. Nike has embraced mock necks and pleated bottoms, departing from the tapered cuts of its previous versions, creating a sleek and updated representation of this streetwear icon.


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