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The first well-being report created by Lulu Lemon
Which generation has the lowest well-being index?

Is Wellbeing Index which is the lowest three generations . Lulu Lemon has released its first global well-being report . Calvin McDonald (Calvin McDonald)  Lululemon Athletica  CEO is , " since last year occurred pandemic is physically of people around the world ,  mentally ,  has brought unprecedented difficulties without the social well-being " said " Lululemon Athletica is a comprehensive approach to the well-being of all people believes helps to create a healthier future ,  this study will serve to accelerate its efforts to support the well-being of the community we belong , " said he said . The report is  2020 years  11 Mon  13 from one  12 Mon  1 to Sun  10 countries ( US ,  Canada , Britain ,  France ,  Germany ,  Australia ,  Singapore ,  South Korea ,  China ,  Japan, in  1,000 people ) study of ,  measuring the health status of the world through its own global well-being index, and the point of view of health ( physical ,  mental ,  social )  The drivers and obstacles were analyzed . This  , according to the study ,  around the world the respondents  29% only of physical ,  mental ,  daphaetgo felt a high level of well-being across the social point of view across ,  this was interpreted as the impact of the pandemic and the many social and political issues ever experience . Optimism about the future is showing a sharp decline , ZThe generation was found to be the vulnerable generation with the lowest level of well-being . But were obstacles to the well-being appeared to exist across all age groups and all areas of study ,  time ,  expressed the need for efforts to be an employer must be assistance for institutional support, such as stress and well-being of employees and . In addition, people are sleeping ,  loving interaction with people ,  and seek to improve the well-being through basic daily such as exercise ,  a balanced and proactive way of thinking appeared to be more positive is also correlated with the attitude to higher happiness and future . For more information on the report, please visit the official website of Lulu Lemon . 

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