MFW: ACT N°1 Fall Winter 2021.22 Collection

The mood is attained in the concept of Earth as a force capable of absorbing civilizations. A contemporary room invaded by sand. Human memories that remain in creations, shaped like pain-tings and history reflected through antique Chinese watercolor paintings hanging on the white walls of a gallery. Paintings turn into clothing and move like a sundial, shaping dancers circling clockwise around the room. The vision translates time passing and the change of things, the evolution of humanity. The future repeats itself and the past always follows around, in a perpetual race. A girl covered in pearls, eternally asleep, is surrounded by her community, covering her with flowers. Is she lost or dead? A ballerina dancing on pointe portrays the phoenix death through the purification of fire, destroying what has been, while being born again from its own ashes.” – from ACT N°1

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