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4 fragrances with masculine notes that scientific studies suggest can enhance attractiveness.

OnBuy Women's Perfume experts have compiled a list of the most appealing olfactory notes in men's fragrances, drawing from scientific data from,,,, and consumer ratings on Fragrantica.

Men's fragrances often feature distinctive characteristics, especially when juxtaposed with spices, which occupy a prominent position in the fragrance hierarchy. A prime example of this is evident in WonderWood by Comme des Garçons, where the luscious blend of atlas cedar, oud, sandalwood, and frankincense creates a woody and sweet olfactory experience. This aromatic symphony is further enriched by the subtle interplay of nutmeg and pepper, adding complexity and depth to the fragrance.

Famed for its soothing attributes, vanilla serves as a stress-reliever and imparts a natural aphrodisiac allure to the senses. In this fragrance by Tom Ford, vanilla takes center stage, casting a spell of hypnotic allure within a composition brimming with rich elements such as coffee, rum, suede, mahogany, and patchouli.

Infused with the inspiration of his wife's beloved cocktail, Gin on the Rocks, Kilian Hennessy crafts a fragrance that elicits a 13% increase in women's blood flow with the invigorating scent of cucumber slices, lime zest, and subtle drops of musk. The outcome is a tantalizing blend, simultaneously crisp and sensual, capable of inducing an intoxicating whirlwind in your senses.

Claiming the fourth spot in the lineup of the most aphrodisiac perfumes is the revitalizing allure of citrus fruits. Drawing inspiration from the vast greenhouses that once nurtured orange and lemon trees in antiquity, this fragrance from Armani/Privé encapsulates the very essence of Italy and the sultriness of summer. A tantalizing concoction of citrus fruits, bitter orange, and bergamot delivers an absolutely intoxicating olfactory interpretation that embodies the sexiest facets of Italy and summer.


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