Puma and The Hundreds Present an Illustrated Lookbook

The constraints of being on lockdown has forced the people at The Hundreds to reconsider how they present a lookbook and they might have just started a trend. Enlisting the help of illustrator @vangoathe, this lookbook manages to present the labels collaboration with Puma in an inventive way while keeping to government guidelines.

Exploring the theme of highschool cliques, a variety of characters pose in an imaginary school while dressed from head to toe in the latest collabaration, all four sneakers in the collection representing a different clique.

Speaking on those groups, Bobby Hundreds, the co-founder of The Hundreds, says “We modelled each sneaker and its corresponding outfit along three silos of ‘90s teenagers: “jocks,” “preps,” and an all-encompassing “party crew.” The fourth profile is the modern youth who is an aggregate of all subcultures and niche interests. He/she/they are a worldly figure, reflective of their ecosystems, openminded and inclusive. And beyond labels and classifications.”

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