Gucci Connects with Nature for its Pre-Fall 2020 Campaign

Shot through the lens of Alasdair McLellan, Gucci reminisces on the innocence of infancy and how it influences our relationship with nature. Using a childlike gaze, the Italian brand creates a world in which pets from skunks to frogs are our best friends.

This youth-centred campaign which is shot on a playground references the importance of nature, which the brand is dedicated to protecting. Since 2018 it’s supply chain has been totally carbon nuetral and in February 2020 it joined the Lion’s Share Fund.

The collection sees variants of styles that have come to be staples in Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, oversized sunglasses, bell-bottomed trousers and headscarves all play a role in creating Michele’s colourful 70s-esque vision.

In terms of footwear, a particular focus is given to loafers, a shoe which the luxury label is renowned for, styled with loosely-knit beige socks for many of the looks. A new sneaker is also teased, the laceless athletic shoe has a double-G emblazoned feature on the tongue which appears to fasten the yellow and blue sneaker.

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