Matthew M Williams and Nike Unveil Series 003 Collection

ALYX 1017 9SM creative director Matthew M Williams and Nike are back with the latest drop from their collaborative partnership of apparel and footwear.

A mash-up of workout and outdoor-inspired sartorial pieces, the collection that’s titled “Series 003,” features an assortment of men’s and women’s pieces including water-repellent fleece jackets and shorts, oversized parka jackets, and mechanical stretch pants. Revered for his accessory design, the collection also includes branded underwear, caps and Williams’ signature chest rig, all dressed in a striking black and red colour palette. Speaking on his latest collaboration with the sportswear brand, Williams, who drew inspiration from the outdoors, says “being outside is so important. Fresh air and sunlight are proven to be two of the greatest benefits to the health and well-being of humans.”

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