Sea Things

March 1, 2019

Hat by Stylist
Top by Mans Concept Menswear @mansconceptmenswear



Shirt by Lorenzo Martinez @lzomartiez
Pants by Pablo Erroz @pabloerroz






Glasses by lool @lool_eyewear
Shirt by Andres Zurru @andreszurru
Denim by Mans Concept Menswear @mansconceptmenswear


Hanky by Hermes archive @hermes
Bodysuit by Zeta 1 @zeta1.official
Belts by Andres Zurru @andreszurru
Gloves by Stylist

Hat by Pardo Hats @pardohats
Top by Mans Concept Menswear @mansconceptmenswear
Glove by Andres Zurru @andreszurru


Exclusive to Desire Homme

Photography: Alejandro Ramirez @alealeking
Art Direction, Styling & grooming: Fausto Leoni
Model: Biel @bielmaciamodel x @fifthmodels




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