Easy Boost 700 'Wave Runner' re-release

Kanye West and Adidas have successfully launched the Easy Boost series, including the Easy Boost 350 and the Easy Boost 350 V2. The popularity of shoes that did not have a boost cushion, such as Easy Power Phases, Easy 950 Boots, Easy 500, was also great. Thanks to consumer demand, these shoes are made in different colors. However, there is still only one shoe for which only one color has been released. It is the EZ Boost 700 'Wave Runner'.

Easy Boost 700 'Wave Runner' was released in the year before. And once again in March of this year, it was re-released. No information was subsequently transmitted. The Easy Mafia, which is handling the news of Easy Boost quickly, broke a long silence. IGiMAPIA said via e-mail that the EasyBoost 700 'Wave Runner' is about to be re-released around the world through the Adidas website and EasySuppli on September 15th. Easy Boost 700 'Wave Runner' has a running type design unlike the previous Easy Boost series. In addition, the name of the Easy Boost, the cushion contains a large amount of boost. Unfortunately, this model has never been officially released in Korea. This reissue is likely to be the last chance to get the shoes. The estimated release is $ 300.

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