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Meet Maxim Magnus: The Trans Model In Gucci's Latest Ads

The words in model Maxim Magnus' Instagram bio read: "TRANSGENDER WOMAN," followed by contact info and the hashtag #TransIsNotaTrend. Since debuting last year at the Paula Knorr runway show during London Fashion Week, the model has used her platform to promote much-needed messages of diversity and true inclusion.

She recently launched a video campaign for #TransIsNotATrend, which highlights the fact that trans identity is not a tool to be used by fashion brands and lovers for cool points, and that it is not a "choice," as some anti-trans rhetoric would have you believe. In one such video, Magnus, filmed in a stylized black-and-white clip, finds her speaking from the heart: "To be trans is to be confident, and to shine like the brightest star in the universe, even if it's just for one that second, just to show the world that I am who I am, and that no one can stop me."

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