An Editorial by Jack Lee

Trench by Zara Trousers by Michal Leszuk

Mesh Top by ASOS Trousers by Michal Leszuk

Glasses by Zara Mesh Jumper by ASOS Underwear by Calvin Klein

Overcoat by Michal Leszuk Underwear by Calvin Klein

Underwear by Calvin Klein Trousers by Michal Leszuk

Suspenders by Vintage, stylist own Trousers by TOPMAN Shoes by ARMANI Collezioni

Sheer shirt by asos Underwear by Polo Ralph Lauren Asymmetric belt by stylist own

Hat by Beyond Retro, Vintage Roll neck by TOPMAN Boxers by Polo Ralph Lauren High socks by stylist own Shoes by ASK THE MISSUS

Hat by Beyond Retro, Vintage Roll neck by TOPMA

Exclusive to Desire Homme

Photography by Jack Lee @jacklee_studio Styled by Lucia Lach @lucylach ,Sanneeka Satam @sanneeka97 and Federika Polise @federicapolise Makeup and Hair by Kristina Pavlov @kristina_pavlov Modelled by Jonas Hofmann @established @karmaslapz

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