Ebony Davis

Close the last page I want to see you once more, his name is Ebony Davis.

I am black and proud She looks like a black horse. It has a long and dynamic bend like a horse, but it is a dangerous impression to get closer. There is a premise that photographer David Belmore is an image, but it is not a false impression. She had the same horses as the history of mankind. Ebony Davis talked about the fashion business of the day that he had experienced as Afro-American at the TED lecture. The model agency only has 4 or 5 black models as an assortment and needs to work with staff who have no understanding of curly hair. But she also recalls that she wanted "straight hair" as a child. "It is our conclusion that we must raise ourselves and raise others." High and beautiful thoughts like a horse. I wanted to see her running like a horse.

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