"To define “Style”, as such, involves a singular expression: Je Suis Ne. Post Modernism’s analysis of fashion and style never seems to abate. It is always moving pas encore, always promising. We get the sense that there is a forward motion here. Not so much a moving to as a running from. Yesterday’s Moda is today’s old news. To have expressed oneself and to have done it right is to have been born anew continuously.

But what does that mean, to be expressing yourself, to have style, to be be a designer, to be in fashion, to be In Moda, in an atmosphere where everything is set out “for it to be so”? Do we parenthetically call this Culture? And if this is so then is to move stylistically within these divisions what it means to have an identity?

This is what I believe constitutes the essence of fashion: It is desire to find my “I”. To both know it and to simultaneously degage from it so that I may know more. To constantly in- vent, to be “Born Anew” so to speak, without ever granting this newness an improper heredity."

Tell us three things that defines your personality? Aristocracy, art, spiritualism.

What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is what You live, feel and breathe.

What are your three piece accessories essentials everyday? I have a few accessories that I take with me everyday. They are my Jawbone UP 3 bracelet (fitness tracker), Givenchy patent leather wallet, and Beats by Dr Dre by Alexander Wang headphones.

If you had to wear one design brand everyday what would it be? Before wearing clothes from the brand I have to feel the connection and love the atmosphere, energy, history and aesthetic that the brand creates. The majority of the brands I’m in love with are the French ones, but if I had to wear from the exact brand every day It definitely would be Givenchy. The spiritualistic, aristocratic and romantic pieces made by Ricardo Tisci are fantastic. I would live in the world created by Tisci

What style accessory do you believe is a must for every men? The best accessory for both men and women is personality. It makes You look breathtaking even when Your outfit is disgusting. If you do not have per- sonality, nothing will help you, no fashion, no designer label and no luxury home, at that rate nothing will help You.

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