Skin care must do

Good cleanser! advises not to use soap. "Do not include soap in the category of cleansing products. If you are washing your face with soap, discard it now and choose a cleansing product that is right for your type of skin. "If the product name includes milk, cream, and conditioning, it is likely to be a good choice.

Aftershave! Shaving gives bad skin irritation. So after shaving, moisturizing the skin will help maintain good skin for a long period of time. In particular, Paula's Choice Forensic Moisturizer is a true all-in-one product. Provides moisture to the skin and removes keratin due to salicylic acid.

Sunscreen! Sunscreen is really important. Wrinkles or dark spots, which are characteristic of skin aging, are caused by ultraviolet B rays. In addition to UV protection, Jordana recommends products that contain anti-aging or pollutant-blocking ingredients. EltMedie's UV clear is neat without feeling heavy or oily, yet faithful to all of these features.

Retinol cream! "Retinol cream cures skin aging in the long run and maximizes skin function. I tell patients to apply retinol cream at night, once every two days. However, if you are really lazy, it is okay once a week. "

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