Off White X Nike 'The TEN' begins

Off-White's Virgil Alavo is from Chicago, where Michael Jordan was a player. Naturally, he spent the nineties in the street culture of sneakers, hip-hop, and graffiti, and said that his cultural experience at that time had made him and off-white. To him, Michael Jordan was an idol, and Nike was a source of good inspiration. It was in December last year that Virgil Avelo made his first step to Nike's headquarters, also known as Nike Campus or Nike World Head Quarter. He said in an interview. "I was not expecting so many days to do Nike and just 'meeting'." He immediately pulled out an art knife and a few colored markers on the spot and remodeled a black Air Force 1 low. Nike and off-white project 'THE TEN' was the first such.

Is not the hottest potatoes of sneakers and fashion enthusiasts in 2017 a collaboration between these two brands? Nike 's official announcement and some of the SNS channels leaked through the photos are all' true 'was revealed. The name of the capsule collection is 'THE TEN'. Nike 's 10 models that have been modified over the last 10 months is the name attached to the meaning. 10 months is the shortest period in Nike collaboration history.

The 'Ten' collection is based on 10 models representing Nike's three brands 'Nike', 'Jordan' and 'Converse'. 'The Ten' is largely divided into two sets. The names of the sets are 'Revealing' and 'Ghosting' respectively. Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Presto, Nike Air Bayper Max, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 90, And Nike Blazer Mead.

The 'Ghosting' series, which means 'overlap of two wounds', consists of Converse Chuck Taylor, Nike Zoom fly SP, Nike Air Force One Row, Nike React Hyper Dunk 2017 and Nike Air Max 97. All are covered with translucent material on the outer skin.

The first set of 'The Ten' will be released in sequential order from September 9 in New York, September 18 in London, September 21 in Milan, and September 26 in Paris. From November, all 10 models will be released through Nike Lab Store and Retail Shop. It's impossible to get all 10 models, but it's the most ambitious collection in Nike collaboration history, so you should get one of those numbers.

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