Love is Not a Crime

Due to the ongoing torture and persecution of homosexual men in Chechnya, Scoop Models, Won Hundred and Amnesty International have together created a t-shirt where all proceeds go to Amnesty International and their work to support better conditions for the persecuted men in Chechnya.

“Abuse of homosexuals are occurring in many places around the world, but in Chechnya, we can see that it is a targeted hunt with its only purpose to attack all homosexual men. That is why it is crucial that Denmark and other countries not only put pressure on Russia and Chechnya but also offer help to the desperate men in severe danger”, – says Helle Jacobsen, campaign director at Amnesty International.

Creative Director at SCOOP Models, Sune Palner, agrees with Helle Jacobsens statement and initiated the creation of a t-shirt to increase awareness about the situation in Chechnya. “In an organization like SCOOP Models where sexual orientation isn’t on the agenda, it’s incomprehensible that there hasn’t been more focus on this matter. That’s why we really want to join in to raise attention to this problem,” says Sune Palner.

Nikolaj Nielsen, creative director at Won Hundred has created Won Hundreds first unisex collection. The collection does not consider sexual orientation or gender perception. This makes Won Hundred the obvious partner. At the same time, the campaign for the t-shirt will mark that love does not know boundaries or gender. With this collaboration, the three involved parts SCOOP Models, Won Hundred and Amnesty International hope to enforce human rights for the persecuted men in Chechnya.

The t-shirt will be launched on the 3rd of August. It is sold exclusively in Won Hundred’s stores and at and All profits go to Amnesty International.

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