Suits For The Summer

Chambray Suit

fabric is a cotton fabric that looks like Denim fabric. But the difference is that weaving. Because Denim fabric is a twill weave, so the fabric on both sides have different colors. But the fabric used in the traditional weaving method makes the fabric light and the color of the fabric is equal on both sides, so the fabric is soft and comfortable to wear, too.

Silk suits

can be considered as a leitmotiv. The fabric is glossy when hit by light. But in fact. The silk is made from natural fibers. But with a tight woven method, ventilation is not as good as it should be. It is ideal for office work rather than out.

Cotton Suit A cotton suit is what a man should wear a wardrobe. Because of its comfortable wearing and easy care. The price is also friendly. Because the price starts from 4 thousand baht to ten thousand baht. The cotton suit is lightweight because it is made from natural fibers. It is different from Linen Linen, which gives the surface a more interesting side

Linen Suit linen suits are the symbol of summer. Made from natural fibers, it is lightweight. It is also well ventilated. Another attraction of linen is the shine and the easy crease. This makes your fabric and suit look more dimensional. But if you're a tough guy who can not handle the wrinkles. We recommend looking for a cotton linen or woolen suit. The wrinkle is less than a hundred percent linen suit.

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