Ideal Essential for the Modern Men

| Mouthwash that refreshes your mouth Natural Green Tea 1,900 won (80ml), Listerine by Olive Young.Fabric fresh classic that removes odors of bedclothes, curtains and sofas . Omiel Shampoo (120ml), Leo Ngrell , to make thin and weak hair resilient. Sophisticated perfume design and sweet and rich scent. Baldafrico Eau de Parfum 290K (100ml), Byeredo . Clarison Sonic Alpha Fit 290,000 won, Clarison Sonic who caused global electric washers boom . Aqua Power Moisturizer (75ml), Biotherm Homme that keeps your skin moisturized all day . Exfoliating Tonic 30ml (200ml), Clinique. The brand's representative ingredient is Miracle Bros, which has a lot of creme de la mer, 385,000 won (60ml), La Mer. A hot spring made from hot spring water in the south of France, 8,000 won (50ml), Avene .Green pellets. FortiSte Stimuling Shampoo (200ml), a natural essential oil that strengthens scalp, Ren Fierter. Tom Ford's first fragrance, more famous for its advertising image, is Black Or Orchid Eau de Parfum 140ml (50ml) Tom Ford Beauty.I did not want to miss it. Everyone tried it once. Facial Treatment Pure Therapy Essence 90,000won (75ml), SK-2. Bees waxed with cute bees Lip tender 6,000 won (8.5g), Burt's Bees. The main character who pandered the herb. Soft rose scented bay candle for 190,000 won, deep teak.

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