The oldest barber shop in the world

Edwardian shaving set with a razor, brush and stand for 600,000 won, Freshman Coron (100ml), Grafton After Shave Balm (87ml), Styling Wax (39ml) (100ml), Wood Sandalwood shaving soap in the bowl for 79,000 won (99g), all True Feit.

1805 years've first opened its doors in London's Mayfair, just its history this year 212 years. The world's oldest Barber Shop Trout Pit Anhill, listed on the Guinness Book of Records, is the pride of British men. Besides, it's a huge title of royal barber. So every time I went to London, the guys who had fun were buying their products. I do not need to do that now. Because of the truffle anhill in Korea. At Cheongdam-dong, you can find almost every product from the perfume and soap to skincare, hair and shaving products. You can also get services from a skilled barber as in London.

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