Issey Miyake Men contemporary mood on a common basis

season Issey Miyake Men is the story of a young boy in the rainforest. And combating the seasonal nature. Humans have to rely on their own intuition. In order to survive in a difficult environment. With inspiration from these instincts. Collection autumn - winter 2016 has redefined elegance and comfort. By offering raw materials The combination of an extremely fine fibers with flat colors that contrast with vibrant hues. Warm clothing in the sporty layout. Knitting Wear simple but lively. This collection of media assumes that the desire of young men who want to turn back to the contemporary mood, the basic models. Of life again The collection now also works with Kenji Hill madrasah that Japanese photographer in presenting new series in his name 'Psyche' the pattern distinctive style Thermopylae and graphics. 'Portraits' spring through bags and security packaging, such as shirts, too.

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