Brunello Cucinelli Spring Summer 2017 Collection

All the looks from Brunello Cucinelli Spring Summer 2017 collection.

The street is where cultures come together, ideas grow and languages merge. Different stories and locations of the world reflect a unique soul, with a harmonious and contemporary flavour, varied and unexpected. Rich daily exchanges coupled with fresh metropolitan perspectives revolutionise the outlook on day-to-day reality, as well as on the exceptional elements which surround us. The Womenswear Spring Summer 2017 Collection captures the spontaneous and rich spirit that emerges from a fusion of contemporary influences: Street Style Couture seamlessly blends fun, unexpected and luxury elements to create an eclectic balance. Every look is a snapshot, capturing the union of worlds, colour synergies and fresh new interpretations which overcome all conflicts and blur boundaries. A new style map has been drawn up, featuring sporty influences, highly feminine charm, masculine patterns and mirrored and pointy tips shoes. All these elements converge in a mix of tailored glamour and everyday functionality, paving the way towards a new style of dressing, daring and captivating. All fragments are harmoniously composed through an informal and sophisticated feeling, completed by colour notes and special elements. Influences of past and present are stripped of their usual identity and acquire a new allure which not only reflects the evolution of the times, but is also focused on future dialogue between cultures. – from Brunello Cucinelli

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