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Verena Schepperheyn’s LookBook

Verena Schepperheyn’s work is following the Japanese ‚Wabi Sabi‘ concept of impermanence.

Implementing the idea of showing a certain stage of a process in every collection, this season is a reinterpretation and evolution of past conceptual elements and shapes.

Major references have been the work of the contemporary artists Oscar Murillo, Joe Bradley and Josh Smith this sea-son. Their work presents a slacker aesthetic with an ironic, cynical approach. Their oil works on canvas are abstract, large-scaled and float geometric shapes, scribbled patches, lines, and other marks that seem casually made.

Using lively color and large brushstrokes, there seems to be no interest in precisely rendering subjects, but rather in exploring the possibilities of abstraction.

Inspired and fascinated by this approach and the intensity of the colors and techniques used, the textiles and prints of the collection were created; incorporating an occasional pop of bright color into the otherwise largely monochromatic compositions.

The collection ranges from shirts, T-shirts, knitwear, shorts, trousers and sweaters to jackets, presented in tones of blue, black, white, green, purple and grey. Materials range from crisp white shirting, simple Jersey to cotton and woolen tex-tiles. Combining rough raw edge finishings with tailored details, the aim is to make everyday pieces special, always with

the modern, quality- conscious man in mind.

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