The Best New Toy

The design of the Alpha Fit was designed to be easy to use. Waterproof compact pocket or gym bag for easy travel. Placed on shelves or in cabinets in the bathroom without wasting space. In a series of devices equipped with Alpha Fit dock brush Daily Brush Head for Men and Alpha Cleanser Cleansing .

"Alpha. Fit " device dermatologist recommended for the United States as the No. 1 player who owns this piece serves to cleanse excess skin oil, sweat, dust and dirt on the surface. With Sonic clarinet Sonic developed 10 years until the current Alpha Fit to eliminate dust pollution particles 2.5 micrometers (PM 2.5) which accumulate on the skin for up to 98.8% guarantee that clean as you never touch. first, because Clarisonic Alpha Fit is designed to clean the surface of the men had better wash by hand alone and six times * a clean both surfaces with a beard and shaved it, too. Your skin will look healthy and feel alive for the first time since the

bristles of Alpha Fit designed specifically for men's skin is packed with up to 26,000 lines bristles can clean the surface thoroughly, but to the touch. gentle Combined with the power of water, dirt, being paid out easily. And do not interfere with the movement smooth surface. Do not pull or jerk beard on his face. 2 can be set as a clean skin and clean shaven beard deeply that 90 percent of men have a beard at the Alpha Fit skin feeling clean and more comfortable.When using a continuous two weeks to feel the skin moist and make you feel confident.

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