Casa Geneses Photograph by Mr Fernando Guerra.

Exterior of Moriyama House by Mr Ryue Nishizawa. Photograph by Mr Edmund Sumner

House of the Infinite in Cádiz by Mr Alberto Campo Baeza. Photograph by Mr Javier Callejas

Interior of Pole Pass in Washington by Mr Tom Kundig. Photograph by Mr Benjamin Benchneider

Words by Mr Edwin Heathcote, architecture and design critic, The Financial Times

When architecture hits the news, it’s usually with the big cultural buildings, the starchitect blockbusters: museums, concert halls and cultural sites with iconic complexes. Houses are confined to the style pages of the mainstream media – aspirational stage sets for impossible lifestyles. But the house is the hardest of all buildings, the most private and the most intimate. The house is the embodiment of a life and an almost sacred task. It cannot be a symbol like a museum or a skyscraper, it has more dimensions and more depth than architecture merely as a single statement.

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