Product Information
The Rollei 35 SLR film camera is a miniature viewfinder still photo camera that uses 135 film. This Rollei SLR camera is among the smallest 35 mm cameras ever produced. The Rollei 35 camera features a 40 mm f/3.5 lens and a battery-powered light meter to identify the correct aperture. This makes the Rollei film camera capable of identifying the ideal exposure for most lighting conditions. However, the user also still has manual control over the Rollei 35 camera's exposure. The Rollei film camera contains numerous patented components designed specifically for the Rollei 35 camera. It includes a five-sprocket film guiding wheel and a cocking lever mounted on the top left while the rewind crank is on the bottom right. In addition to these features, patented is the Rollei SLR's unique body design, which requires the user to remove the rear panel in order to change the film. This difference from most film cameras reduces the danger of the rear compartment accidentally opening and exposing the film.