Type SLR camera in medium format with automatic timer; 3 metering modes; Interchangeable viewfinder; Mirror lockup; Multiple Exposure function; Switchable 120s / 220s roll film; Multifunctional viewfinder display
lens mount Double bayonet PENTAX 67 with inside and outside connection
sharpness Manual focusing; Focus control on dimming function on the lens
viewfinder 4 change finders, 4 interchangeable focusing screens
exposure Aperture priority with AE pentaprism searcher 67II 1/1000 s to 30 s continuously; Tracking measurement 1/1000 s to 4 s; "B" setting; Six-field, center-weighted and spot metering selectable; Measurement memory; Exposure compensation ± 3 EV in 1/3-EV steps
Mirror lock Yes
self-timer approx. 12 s lead time
lightning Synchronous time 1/30 s; TTL flash metering; Automatic synchronization time adjustment for system flash units
Movie Recording format: 70 × 55 mm; 120 film roll (10 shots); 220 film roll (21 shots)
film transport Quick shifter
Indicators (with AE prism viewfinder) Extensive viewfinder display with shutter speed, flash status, exposure compensation, overexposure / underexposure, meter reading, frame counter, exposure metering method, top-panel LCD panel with battery status indicators, film speed, movie status and flash status
power supply Two 3V lithium batteries CR-123A
Dimensions 185.4 × 108.4 × 91.8 mm (housing); 185.4 × 150.9 × 105.8 mm (housing with AE prism finder 67II)
mass 1210 g (without battery and viewfinder); 1657 g (without battery, with AE prism finder 67II)
miscellaneous When using a polarizer, a circular polarizing filter must be used.