Product Information
For clear photos of fast-moving objects, the Olympus Pen EE3 is sure to please. With a shutter speed of 1/200 s, users can capture great images in motion without blur. This is an ideal camera for action photography such as sports events or children in motion. This film camera has a fixed focus to adjust the settings automatically so that every picture is in perfect focus. While it is ideal for distance photography with its fast speed, the Olympus 35 mm camera is also ideal for close-up shots. The 28 mm f/3.5 lens creates spectacular images with vivid detail. The high ISO sensitivity of the Olympus 35 mm camera is at 400, and users can take photos in different lighting conditions for great results. The Olympus Pen EE3 is a half-frame camera with a hot shoe flash. This allows the user to fit twice as many pictures on the film camera. This little Olympus 35 mm camera is a choice for student photographers who want a classic camera that is reliable for quality photos.


OLYMPUS PEN EE-3 (5666998)

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