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Nail art has entered the world of men


The latest trend in men's grooming in Hollywood is nail art.

After the blockade due to Corona 19 began, men's nail art gained popularity on Instagram and Zoom. Shiny nail art is emerging as a way of expressing individuality like tattoos and piercings. All you need to immerse yourself in the new grooming world is a bottle of nail polish. DIY easily at home and let it peel off naturally. At Valenciaga's 2017 F/W menswear collection, Demna Bazalia hired nail artist Mei Kawajiri to show nails with their logos, and then the nails of fashion celebrities such as Travis Scott, Aceph Pug, and Marc Jacobs become gorgeous. Since then, May Kawajiri has opened a pop-up nail salon in Paris, with 80% of customers being young men. It is also appearing on the concert stage and on the red carpet. Pastel nails broke prejudice.



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