Interview with Sellah

Style from the Cape

Interview by Richard Pallardy

Sellah is a modern renaissance man. Moving effortlessly between the fashion, music, and film worlds,
the Cape Town-based performer has lately issued a stream of new singles.


Most recently he came out
with “Stacks,” a sharp-tongued hip hop track. Simultaneously, he has been reviving his fashion
magazine, IMMO, and promoting a new fashion documentary series, The Beautiful People, in which he
appears as one of five models making their way through the complexities of the summer fashion
season in Cape Town.


A veteran of the modeling industry and possessed of his own sleek, urban
aesthetic, the artist has developed a devoted online following for both his fashion and musical



An avid promoter of up and coming designers, he’s equally as comfortable in established
brands, having appeared in an array of designer duds in a GQ South Africa spread. As he adroitly
straddles these two intersecting industries, Sellah is setting a new standard for those who want to
forge their careers in an uncompromising manner.



He recently agreed to answer some questions about his sui generis approach to the entertainment

You've worked in both fashion and music. What are your thoughts on how those two industries

Fashion and music go hand-in-hand. Many of my connects in music sprung from a job and or networking event in the
fashion world. To me image is not the most important thing, but in a superficial world, it is crucial. As an entertainer,
the way your present your physical identity is important. This has been something I have struggled with, but I finally
see myself growing into the visual aesthetic that I’ve always hoped to present.

How would you describe your own style?

My style is adaptable and based on my moods. I feel most in my element when I am not constrained by preconceived
notions of style. I cannot wait to keep showing everyone my different style expressions via social media.


Warren Baynes



Tamryn Bruinders



Gordon Radowsky


Does your style on stage differ from your style on the street?

Absolutely. It’s also determined by which designers I can pull clothes from.

Do you think your stage apparel complements your musical style? How so?

Who I am on stage to me has a profound impact on how the audience interprets the song. If you are speaking about
being dripped in designer fashion, then it is smart to be wearing designer in my opinion. If you song has a futuristic
sound, complementing the track with a more “futuristic” design in your clothes/costume then sets the tone for a more
captivating experience. Set design is also a very important element in complementing my sound in a live

Are there designers who you follow? Who is doing the most important work in fashion right now in your

The designers I follow are only because I know them personally. Tokyo James, Orange Culture, Braden Myus and
Issa Leo. They are all doing very well and I love their styles.
Describe your dream fashion collaboration, either a model or as an artist.
A dream of mine was to shoot for GQ and that recently happened. I’d also love to pursue a partnership with
Calvin Klein.

Is there something you wish that everyone knew about the fashion world?

Do not believe everything you see. We are all meant to hustle in all of our different industries and occupations.
This industry is meant to be entertainment. But that’s not how it works behind the scenes.

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