Born in Västerås Sweden, Maya moved to

London in her late teens. Her background

lies in surface design and photography,

which she studied at the University of the

Arts London. To further communicate her

work, she began experimenting with the

sense of smell as an added medium.

After graduating Maya spent the next few

years working for The Laundry, an arts

hub situated in London Fields. During

her time there she delved further into the

olfactory world, experimenting with

different raw materials and teaching

herself perfumery. As she wore her

perfumes to work, visitors and tenants

alike showed a particular interest in her

creations. Her androgynous notes left

compelling trails behind to be coveted,

and a band of devotees grew organically

over time. Maya Njie Perfumes was

founded in 2016 soon to be followed by

placement in a handful of UK based

independent shops.

LONDON, March 2019:

Niche perfume brand Maya Njie (pronounced 'Maia En-jai') has just launched her range of five

artisan fragrances in Liberty as one of their new and exclusive perfume brands for 2019.

Inspired by Maya’s Swedish upbringing and West African heritage and rooted in an old family

photo album from the decades before her birth, Maya set out to capture, by way of scent, these

moments in time, these tropes of familial life, set within their frames.

'What did it smell like?' The small Swedish summer house surrounded by mercurial forests, the

visits to her grandparents’ sparsely furnished flat on Sunday afternoons, Uncle Lars' and Aunt

Irene’s shotgun wedding... she sought to bottle the spirit connected to the classic 1970's Scandinavian

idyll, combined with the soul of her esoteric Gambian and Senegalese heritage. By showcasing

her photographs and extracting their dreamy colour pallets, she saw to fruition, her desire to

reconstruct through her perfumes, those elusive moments which otherwise may have slipped

quietly away. The tones are of a time, and the notes nostalgic, yet the end product is notably


Maya’s formulas are developed in her London studio, using a variety of essential oils, aroma

compounds and resins. Making use of both naturals and synthetics in her creations - it’s nature

and science combined. Ingredients such as musk and ambergris are synthetic substitutes and does

not derive from its animal origin counterpart. With care and precision, the blends are mixed in

small fresh batches. First the oils gare blended and left to mature for up to four weeks. Then the

alcohol is added and the two week maceration process begins. It is then bottled, labelled and

packaged individually by hand. All scents are classed as Eau de parfums with a generous oil

content of 30% on average.

As a way of encouraging less waste Maya has recently added a bottle refill service. Customers can

simply send their empty bottles back to her studio and get 15% off the top up of their favourite

scent. Her packaging is cellophane free, her fragrances vegan and they are not tested on animals.

Her recent Liberty window campaign shot by Finnish photographer Maria Lax ran from the 25th

March to the 7th April 2019.

Handmade gender neutral perfume brand launches as a Liberty Exclusive

by Swedish and West African designer.


‘Maya encourages her olfactory tales to do most of the talking - try them and you’ll see.

They leave addictive trails behind those who choose to wear them. What might they wisper to you?’