World of shaving soap

Shaving soap made only for shaving, not for cleansing. It is much harder than ordinary soap, it does not easily dissolve even if it touches the water, and when using the shaving brush, the foam becomes rich. Above all, it is economical because it can be used longer than shaving foam.


Natural shaving soap The shaving soap made in
Austria uses natural herbal ingredients such as honey, breast milk, aloe vera, and marigold. We did not add parabens and chemical ingredients were minimized. When shaving, it calms and protects skin from irritation and creates dense foam. 


Mullet, Shaving Soap Sandalwood
Made from natural ingredients of the sandalwood wood, it helps to stabilize and moisturize the skin. The soft fragrance of sandalwood remains after shaving, and it feels refreshing. 


Dior Harris, Alrightton Shaving
Dr. Anderson's soap in a wooden bowl with refillable bowls and soap has a classical and relaxed atmosphere from the outside. The shaving soap is also made in England, as it is a historic brand that is also delivered to the British royal family. When you shave a mixture of citrus and woody fragrance, you can make a fresh breakfast. 

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