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from top left | Iktian Moisturizing Cleansing Water  (200ml), Duke Ray. Dirty Spring Body Wash (280g), Rush. Val Dafrique Body Wash (225ml), Byredo. Volcanic Ash Beads Pure Face Scrub (50ml), Clarins. White Pearl Capsule Tripagic Shampoo (600ml), Rene Wheater. Quinine Keratin Hair Serum  (125ml), Chloran. Foot exfoliator , pore brush, all Wexin. Sage & Cedar Scalp Treatment (25ml) to manage scalp troubles, Aesop. Brown Sugar Ingredient Face Polish  (125g), fresh. Argan oil-based hair treatment (125ml), moroccan oil. Hinoki Scented Shampoo  (250ml), Le Labo. Mesh shower sponge , Wexin. Exfoliating Foot Scrub Gel (100g), Gyamart by Ontre. Permis Power Foot Soap  (65g) to manage dead skin cells, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil Outback Mate Body Soap (100g), all Rush.


from top left | Organic floss , Dr. Tongues. Blemish Control Serum (30ml), Codali. Cupuasu Butter Hair Balm  (150ml), chloran. Hand cleaning brush, Wexin. Mojave Ghost Hand Cream  (30ml), Byredo. Fortifying Gel Moisturizer (50ml), Boy de Chanel. Protective Clean 1.0 Sonic Toothbrush , Philips. Scalp soothing serum (50ml), Renefiter. Green Coffee Bean Oil Toner (120ml), beige. Future Rescue Face Serum (50ml), Lab Series. Jaspe toothbrush , Koinore. Original recipe toothpaste (75ml), classic squeezer, all pasta del capitano. Tongue cleaner , Dr. Tongue. Shaving brush , razor , all Aesop. Hand Cleansing Gel (300ml), Cattier by Ontre. Chromophovia Lip Balm, Byredo. Phytoactive Serum  (30ml), Royal Fun. Citron de Bean Oval Soap (250g), fresh. Bison Grass UV Plus sunscreen  (50ml), Clarins Man.

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