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Four inspiring new architecture and design books

The Walden 7 building in Barcelona designed by Ricardo Bofill – featured in Modern Architecture and Interiors, Prestel, 4 June, £30

Modern Architecture and Interiors

Fifteen years ago, architecture and design curator Adam Stech set out to photograph the best examples of modernist architecture and interiors around the world. The result is this atlas of design excellence across 25 countries. From the colour blocks of Le Corbusier’s machines for living to Albert Frey’s elemental Californian villas, this is a masterclass in modernism. Prestel, 4 June, £30


Living on Vacation: Contemporary Houses for Tranquil Living, Phaidon, £30

Living on Vacation: Contemporary Houses for Tranquil Living 

What would a house look like if it were designed specifically to help you relax? This is the question posed by Living on Vacation, a photo-rich tome from Phaidon. From mountain hideaways to remote desert ranches, lakeside villas and rural cottages, it presents a glorious compendium of architecture for every possible interpretation of “relaxation”. Phaidon, 17 April, £30

Materialising Colour: Journeys with Giulio Ridolfo 

This sumptuous flexibound book follows textile house Kvadrat’s “colour master” Giulio Ridolfo as he travels through Italy, India and Denmark on a quest for new colours. Looking to nature, pop culture, fashion and craft for inspiration, Ridolfo sources sustainable dyes and colours. Photos come from Howard Sooley – Derek Jarman’s friend and collaborator. Phaidon, 22 May, £60


Materialising Colour: Journeys with Giulio Ridolfo, Phaidon, 22 May, £60

Guide to Historic Artists’ Homes & Studios

From Georgia O’Keeffe’s earth-toned Spanish Colonial abode in New Mexico to Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock’s Hudson-side country house, Valerie A Balint explores how the artist’s home gives insight into their lives and work. Through photos and essays, the book surveys the houses and studios of America’s best loved creatives. Princeton Architectural Press, June, £25


Guide to Historic Artists’ Homes & Studios, Princeton Architectural Press, June 2020, £25

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