If you have a sore whole body after fitness or mountain climbing, or if your shoulders are stiff due to sitting for a long time, go to the massage gun! Basketball player Paul George uses Theragun-Model Theragun



Theragun is considered the fourth-generation professional massage gun and was introduced to the gym and received word of mouth. It is known as the originator of the massage gun released after 7 years of research and development by chiropractors, an expert on nerves, muscles and skeleton. Since the device can be held on any side of the triangular body, it can easily access areas where other massage guns are difficult to reach, relieves the entire body's tight muscles and helps blood and lymph circulation. The newly released 4th generation Theragun solved the noise problem pointed out as a disadvantage by applying a low-noise gearbox jointly developed with Japan's QX150 motor and MIT University in the United States. In addition, after connecting to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, it can be used by synchronizing with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health. For those who are burdened by expensive professional models, entry-level models such as Theragun Elite, Theragun Prime, and Theragun Mini are also available.

Flow 7 Pro
was developed in the UK to improve the athletic performance of athletes. It is differentiated from low-cost products with a design with a European design patent and BLDC motor. Despite its high price, it is said that it gradually upgraded and eventually settled in flow. The high elasticity massage gun cools the inner muscles with 1800-2800 blows per minute. It is equipped with 7 different heads, from the head that relaxes soft muscles and joints around the neck and knees to the head that is excellent for uneven areas such as the scapula. Another advantage is that it is officially imported into Korea, and AS is available for free for one year.

is a cost-effective item that is counted as a national massage gun for Phoenix A2 . It is a low price with a little more money on the foam roller, but it is fully functional. Vibrating 1800-3200 times per minute allows you to experience various massage effects in three stages, and you can use four heads by replacing them according to the body part. The battery is 1500mAh, which is a bit disappointing than other products, but it takes 2-3 hours after full charge. The noise level is 60dB, which is the level of conversation, which is not uncomfortable. It is light in weight, so it is good to hold it in one hand. A1 was released for executive use, and A2 was released for distribution. Can be purchased directly overseas.

Xiaomi, which
is said to have everything except for the third generation of Xiaomi Mibon , is introducing a massage gun. The massage gun, which stands out with Xiaomi's unique simple design, makes the body soft by removing fatigue from deep muscles under 10mm by vibrating 1800-3200 times. You can choose a total of five intensities, and you can freely switch between the vibration frequency and intensity, and you can finish from home to professional use. Using a 2900mAh lithium battery, it can be used for 84 days when used for 10 minutes a day, and a function to stop using it for 10 minutes is also useful to reduce the risk of damage to muscles or bones by using it on the same area for a long time. It is equipped with 45dB low noise and 4 interchangeable heads.

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