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Shaving Cream for sensitive skin

Melin Angates, Vitamin E Shaving Cream

Melin Angets is a brand of New York skin care that was created for sensitive skin that is worried about dryness and allergy. This cream is rich in vitamin E, which minimizes irritation during shaving, helping to provide a smooth, clean shave without scratching. 
118ml 35,000 won


Pro Raso, Shaving Cream Tube Sensitive Green Te
Prosaso's shaving cream, which makes the third shaving product in Italy with the know-how gained from the grandfather's barber shop. Contains soothing green tea and oatmeal for sensitive skin to prevent redness after shaving. You can feel the elegant fragrance of lime and apple. 
150ml 16,000 won


BARTTERA, Comfort Shaving Cream It is a
brand of shaving therapy using only herbal essential oils from the clean areas of Scotland. A soft, light-toned cream perfectly fits your skin, allowing you to shave cleanly and without razor blades. Organically certified Shea Butter contains 7 per cent and is the perfect after shave cream. 
120ml 22,000 won


Lab Series, Cooling Shave Cream
Highly dense and rich foam cushion is uniformly adhered to the skin, forming a protective film on the skin. Contains menthol and peppermint oil to make your shave feel refreshing and refreshing. After shaving, the coconut oil and butter ingredients calms the skin from shaving and provides adequate moisturizing and nutrition. 
100ml 32,000 won


Rush, Dirty Shaving Cream
Oat Milk and safflower oil soothes angry skin, leaving shea butter and honey ingredients moisturized. A cream formulation is recommended for people who are often scarred when their beard is thick or shaved. It can also be used for other parts requiring hair removal. After shaving, the sophisticated fragrance of lavender and sandalwood remains. 
225g 32,000 won


Le Lavo, shaving cream A
soft cream formulation that helps the razor move smoothly. To protect skin texture, it contains sage leaves, chamomile, coconut, and no artificial coloring. Perfume brand, as well as making bergamot, lavender, violet, Tongkabin to perfume the fragrance to finish. 
120ml 42,000won


Muscle Rebal, Shaving Cream SPHEIST CITRUS
Rich in lanolin and glycerin, this gentle treatment of rough, coarse beard makes shaving easier and safer. In addition, spice and woody fragrance spreads luxuriously. It was born in the 1930s and has been loved by Portuguese men until now. 
100ml 32,000 won

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