Art of Africa
Vibrant and eclectic, contemporary forms of African art are now taking centre stage. For the intrepid art lover, there is a feast of highly original work to explore

Fortune Teller, 2008, by Lawrence Lemaoana.

Recycled weapons in New Man, 2007, by Gonçalo Mabunda. | Image: Afronova Gallery

Wax Lolo, 2009, by Romauld Hazoumé 

The African Diaspora Artist Knows Best, 2009, by Avant Car Guard. | Image: What If The World Gallery

People Eater, 2008, by Georgina Gatrix, R25,000 (about £2,114). | Image: What If The World Gallery

Liquor bottle caps in Dusasa II by El Anatsui. | Image: Jack Shainman Gallery